Considering a New Elevator Maintenance Team - What to Look For

What do I need, where do I begin?

Elevators require maintenance. Businesses, office buildings, facilities and homes rely on their elevators to function and work efficiently. Maintenance is an important factor that should be considered with due diligence. Hiring an elevator maintenance company to respond quickly and effectively are important details that need to be seriously considered. A variety of local companies offer elevator services, but Elevator Control Service provides complete elevator services with decades worth of experience. Our team has put together a few items on what you should look for when thinking of hiring a new elevator maintenance company.

Experience with a solid local reputation

In real estate the rule is: location, location, location. With elevator maintenance it is experience, experience, reputation. The company you choose to maintain and service your equipment should have a vast knowledge of not only the vertical transportation industry as a whole but of the wide variety of equipment that's manufactured, whether new or old. Elevator Control Service has a successful history of exceptional performance and skills that can only be gained from experience. Our reputation is second to none and we are happy to provide a list of references that can attest to our outstanding efforts.

Customer support and availability

Our clients “hail” our customer support and quick response. We stay in touch with all of our customers are readily available to answer any and all of your questions and/or concerns. Our team wants to ensure that you are well informed on all services being offered and available before signing any contract. We believe in being proactive and not reactive!

Insured and licensed

Verify that any elevator companies that you are considering hiring show you copies of certificates and insurance. Check out their authenticity and accreditation. Do not choose a company just because they are cheaper, credibility is everything.

What does it cost?

We understand cost can be a big factor. Be aware of companies who offer low prices but skimp on qualifications and experience. Elevator Control Service offers a great value with experience and dependability. We can provide your business or facility with a customized quote for your elevator service needs … just call us.