Going Green with Elcon

Energy efficiency and environmental protection is in high demand and has increasingly become essential components to a buildings longevity and success in today’s competitive marketplace. Going Green in commercial real estate means creating buildings that consume far less energy and promote a healthier environment by using natural eco friendly products and recycled materials.

LEED certified buildings are environmentally friendly and drastically reduce long term operating cost for the Owner and managing agency. They promote efficiency by exerting less energy, using less water, emitting fewer toxins and utilizing all natural and recycled products.

Although elevator energy consumption generally accounts for less than 5% of the total building electricity used, Elevator Control Service realizes that the cumulative impact on the environment can be somewhat staggering. ELCON offers LEED accredited professionals to assist in creative initiatives to help improve operational efficiency and lessen the environmental effects on the planet.

Please contact your local ELCON Customer Service Representative to learn more about environmentally friendly alternatives and sustainable solutions for all of your vertical transportation and mission critical equipment devices.

Downloadable Green Documents: