Elevator Control Service recognizes that escalating operating costs are of primary concern to our customers, therefore making the protection of your investment via superior prevention priority one. Our exclusive preventive maintenance program is comprehensively designed to preserve your equipment by providing optimum protection against everyday wear and tear conditions that ultimately affects the performance, efficiency, reliability and useful life expectancy of your vertical transportation investment.

ELCON’s proven preventive maintenance program is individually customized to meet or exceed specific operational demands within each contracted facility. It was originally developed through a compilation of the highest worldwide industry standards once recommended by the original equipment manufacturers, the General Service Administrations (GSA) “Elevator Guide Card System” and all local, ANSI and ASME Code regulations pertaining to elevator and escalator applications of all types.

All customers receive password protected access detailing future tasks and past performance history reports for each article of equipment contained within their specific account/s. The periodic inspection type, visitation frequency, testing, and service repair logs are made available at your fingertips to provide immediate comfort and assurance that your vertical transportation equipment and mission critical devices receive the absolute best in preventive care protection.

 Please contact Elevator Control Service to allow us to further describe our individually modified maintenance program in full detail. We truly pride ourselves on our unique abilities to restore reliability while optimizing the useful life expectancy of all models of vertical transportation and mission critical devices.